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Yiwu Market DISTRICT 1: Complete Products Guide

Yiwu International Trade Mart a.k.a. Yiwu Market or Futian Market has a total of 5 Districts spanning over an area of over 43,000,000 sq.ft. In 2005, Yiwu market passed the assessment of national AAAA (4A)Tourist Attraction, and since then has seen a rising influx of traders and importers searching for a plethora of wholesale products at dealbreaker prices. 


This blog post is the first in an upcoming series of Yiwu market guides, where we’ll be exploring each Yiwu District in detail. In this post, we are taking a look at District 1 of Yiwu market, the range of products it has to offer, and the way they are segmented.

Yiwu Market District 1 : A Quick Background

The first complex (a.k.a District 1) of the Yiwu Trade Market cost ¥700 million to construct. The initial construction began in 2001 and it was fully launched for shopping in October, 2002. Yiwu District 1 is now an appointed shopping & tourism spot by Zhejiang Tourist Bureau and is titled the first “Five-star Market” of Zhejiang province by the Provincial Industrial & Commercial Bureau. On average, 40,000 people shop here every day, 5000 of which are foreign visitors.


The District covers an area of around 3700,000 sq.ft. where you can source products from over 10,500 suppliers and 10,000+ booths. It’s a four floor building, with each floor offering a select variety of product segments to make browsing items easier — given you know what you’re looking for.

Yiwu Market District 1 Floors at a Glance

Products You Can Source From Yiwu Market, District 1:

As your reliable China sourcing agent, we’ve created the following market guide so you know which products to buy from Yiwu market (District 1) and where to find them!

Floor 1, Yiwu International Trade City

The first floor of District 1 predominantly trades in toys and artificial flowers. You can buy all types of toys and games from popular superhero models to trendy plushies.


In the artificial flower area, you can shop for a colorful variety of faux flowers (roses, orchids, lavenders, peonies, etc.) made of plastic and fabrics such as silk, available as floral bushes, stems, sprays, branches, floral picks, drop-ins and cuttings. Floral accessories made from these such as hair ornaments and tiaras are also popular.


What to Shop For?


Faux plants (flowers, trees, grass, fruits, turf, bonsai, preserved natural flowers, flower parts and components), floral accessories, flower making tools & machines, and flower packaging supplies.


Toys and games including inflatable toys, electronic toys, battery & remote operated toys, plush toys, dolls, plastic models, and wooden toys.

Floor 2, Yiwu International Trade City

The second floor of Yiwu District 1 is a sparkly haven for jewelry and accessory hunters. You can also shop for costume jewelry and jewelry packing and display cases in the 2000+ showrooms on this floor.


The product segmentation & variety is pretty good, and you can easily know if a particular booth has what you want just by a quick glance.


What to Shop For?


Finger rings, nose rings, men’s hair bonds, kids’ hair clips, gold plated necklaces, pendants, faux diamond jewelry, costume jewelry, and jewelry packaging.

Floor 3, Yiwu International Trade City

The arts & crafts market on the third floor of Yiwu Market’s District 1 has more than 20 year’s history. 3,000+ shops of festive decorations, wedding supplies, ceramic arts, crystal crafts, and photo frames are arranged in different sections. Christmas decor in every unimaginable variety is available here — not a surprise, considering Yiwu produces over 50% of all Christmas decorations in the world. 


You can also browse for a variety of tourism crafts, crystals and porcelain products on this floor.


What to Shop For?


Chinaware, dining sets, vases, photo frames and other gifting items, Christmas & festival decorations, wedding supplies, souvenirs, crystals and ceramic crafts.

Floor 4, Yiwu International Trade City

This floor houses the Taiwan mall (with its huge showrooms) and factory outlets that wholesale similar Yiwu products as downstairs.


What to Shop For?


At Factory Outlets: Ornaments, Crafts, and Flowers.


At Taiwan mall : Toys, ornaments, accessories, artificial flowers, trees, plants, Christmas decor, and other decorations, crafts and art pieces.

Over 70% of the products from Yiwu District 1 are exported to over 200 countries, including South Korea, U.S.A. and EU. However most local Chinese suppliers and booth owners can speak little to no English, and if you’re a foreign buyer it can be a tough adventure. That’s why getting the help of an Yiwu agent is suggested. An experienced agent can help you get the best deals on top quality wholesale products with their local connections. However many businesses hesitate from using China sourcing agents for fear of unprofessionalism and unethical behavior. We suggest you spend some time and choose an ideal sourcing agent who’s a good fit for your requirements. Don’t know how to do that? This post can help you out.


At Logistics 9, we make China sourcing super simple for you. Just let us know the products you are looking for, and we import them for you hassle free, saving you a trip to China! 


How to Source From Yiwu Market Without Visiting China?


Step 1: Browse and download the images of the products you wish to import. You can also note down product specifications.


Step 2: Save our whatsapp/wechat (+8613676803399) or email (; and send us the product details you collected in Step 1 (images, product specs, or both). 


Step 3: Within 24 hours, our dedicated Relationship Manager will send you a customized list of quotations, prepared as per your desired items.


Note: We sell all wholesale products at factory prices, no hidden commission. 


Confused about which products to source for your business? Check out China’s best selling, in-demand products here


If you have any queries, feel free to write to us at


Meanwhile stay updated on Chinese products, Yiwu markets, and important Logistics updates by watching this space for upcoming blog posts!

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